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Bike Hire

Bike riding lets you add a fitness activity into your day even when you think you don’t have time for a workout. Adding daily exercise into your working day will  increase energy and reduce fatigue. Even a single 30-minute bout of exercise can improve reaction time, memory, and creative thinking.

The Hatea loop is a 4.5 km shared path that takes you around the harbour offering great views of the city and surrounding hills.

​Enquire about our multi day rates, bike membership deals  loyalty cards and other special offers.

We would be happy to provide bikes for advanced bookings outside the above opening hours.

​Please get in touch and we will accommodate your request.



$25 for half day (up to 4 hrs)

$40 full day (up to 24hr period – overnight)

$25/day (long term rental, 5+ days)


Kayak Hire

Hire one of our kayaks and  explore  the inner harbour,  Hatea river and numerous surrounding creeks.  Kayaking can be both great exercise or a tranquil experience and gives you a low-to-the-water view of places you wouldn’t otherwise know were there.

Our  kayaks are easy to transport  watercraft that are lightweight and versatile.

​Watching your boat move through the water by your own effort, spending a few hours under the sky, on the water, watching the colors of the blues, the greens, the grays, and the browns, this is all a relaxing and enjoyable experience. A couple of times a week for a few hours, getting this kind of exercise is going to make anyone feel better!


$10.00 per hour, $25.00 for a half day or $40.00 for a full day

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